We recently were incognito at a surprise engagement at a local park.  It’s so neat being the ones to capture these types of events, as they represent a complete change in the lives of two people.  We couldn’t be happier for Brian & Jessica and are sending them all the love and best wishes that we have.

Monica and Chris celebrated their wedding on a beautiful Fall day in Georgia.  Vecoma at the Yellow River hosted this sweet event, and both of them were surrounded by many who loved them.

The day started with Chris.  With his son and best man, he prepared to marry the woman he loved.

And of course the kitties were part of the getting ready hours too!

Monica’s favorite color is deep purple, and this royal color was everywhere, vibrant and beautiful.

Since Monica and Chris enjoy geocaching adventures, their table hosted coordinates of special events such as the Vecoma coordinates.

Their cake sported a custom made bobble head wedding set and small kitties representing their own cats.  So ingenious!

As the day began, we captured a private sneak peek moment between the two of them.  The joy and love  in their eyes was so clear.

Chris met his soon to be wife at the aisle to walk her down together and during the ceremony.  During one moment, Chris got down on one knee in front of everyone and asked her to marry him again, just to make it official.  🙂

The happiness on Monica’s face was simply stunning.

Hugs with friends and private moonlight kisses were the norm for this newly wed couple.

A big thanks to the talented Creative Team:

Venue/Planning/Catering – Vecoma at the Yellow River
Cake – Sugar Hill Cakes
Flowers – Abby’s Floral Design
DJ – SE Events


These two were the epitome of classiness and love.  Our bride, Kandes, was full of fun in her courageous and chic tutu, and she looked incredible to boot.  Michael, our Groom, more more laid back, taking all of Kandes in, and enjoying spending one on one time with her while we photographed them in the background.

We always encourage our brides to use the engagement session as a night out.  Get all glammed up and head out after the photo session to an enjoyable night between soon to be newlyweds.  Kandes and Michael were on point, their clothing well planned with even a small change of hair and make up in the middle.  Now that’s what we call a bride who knows what she wants!  We started in Midtown, near the High Museum and ended up at the Georgian Terrace (so incredibly lovely).  We went fun and peppy for the first half of our shoot, and for the second our bride and groom dazzled us with their elegant clothing.  When we ended up on the windswept rooftop, it was just magical.

We had such a great time photographing these two and are happy that we were chosen to be their photographers.  We know that they will have an amazing day to look back on when the day arrives.

We met with Danielle and Bruce on a beautiful late afternoon for some romantic pictures at Piedmont Park.  These two were so giggly, and wore authentic, natural smiles the whole time.  For each other, that is.  These two lovebirds met at Danielle’s graduation dinner a few years back and although she said it wasn’t love at first sight, she DID say he was incredible to look at.  The best thing about watching them together is seeing how much they completely adored each other.

Bruce would say Danielle has a great willingness to help others and her selflessness is one of her best attributes.  Danielle would say he is an active listener and has a caring personality.  These qualities were evident the entire time we were with them.  Danielle would help him with things and he really IS a great listener.  And we might have loved when Bruce would whisper in her ear and get her to laugh.  It was priceless.

We are so thrilled to be a part of your big day.

Nearly three years ago, Tekeshia and Michael met at an Image Ministry event to feed the homeless.  Tekeshia normally volunteers twice a month but it was Michae’s first time at this event.  Michael was invited by a childhood friend who happened to be a mutual friend of Tekeshia.  After preparing sandwiches and sorting clothes they joined in a prayer circle before heading out.  Once the prayer ended, Tekeshia noticed Michael looking at her.

Along the route to deliver the sandwiches and clothes the two of them struck up a conversation.  Michael couldn’t help but notice her beauty and planned to ask for her phone number.  They were riding in separate vans and he never saw her again that afternoon.    Michael called his friend and asked about Tekeshia and mentioned he wanted to get her number.  About two weeks later, he received a text with her number and made the call that would ultimately connect two hearts together.

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